Welcome Exclusive Resorts Members

As an Exclusive Resorts member, you now have exclusive access to luxury air travel at wholesale prices. Fly First or Business Class on every major airline, with private discounted rates off the published prices on itineraries to Asia and Europe.


What To Expect

Each journey is unique! Your Dedicated Regal Wings specialist will work with you to find a flight that meets both your budget and needs. You can expect the following each time you book with Regal Wings.

Hand Selected Options

Our travel specialists research your fare to leverage Regal Wing's buying power and unique contracts with major airlines to ensure you are connected with the flight that best suits your situation.

Priority Support

As an Exclusive Resorts Member, you will receive priority services. We are here 24/7 to ensure that your trip goes smoothly.

Save Time and Money

We specialize in premium cabin airfare. This ensures we are able to maximize both your time and cost savings.


Answers to Your Common Questions

There are many benefits to using Regal Wings. Some of our client's favorites include:

Personalized Service: We bring the human touch to travel. Our experienced travel specialists work to create a boutique service that will meet both your needs and budget. Our travel specialists can assist with assigning specific seats and any other specifications you might request, such as meal preferences and mobility assistance.

Industry Leading Savings: Speaking of budget our contract and buying power allow us to provide you with discounts of up to 60% on First and Business class airfare.

Status and Miles Eligible: All Regal Wings tickets qualify to earn full frequent flyer miles and airline loyalty points.

Regal Wings provides heavily discounted premium cabin airfare that is not available to the general public.

To use Regal Wings you must either be a travel professional or a member of H Club.

When you request to book with Regal Wings you will be matched with one of our experienced travel specialists. Your specialist will work with you to ensure your trip matches both your needs and budgets.

Keeping this human element ensures we are able to leverage our contracts and buying power to provide you with the highest discounts possible.

As an Exclusive Resorts member, you receive access to our discounted airfare free of charge.

You are in the pilot's seat when it comes to your trip! We have over 300 contracts with major airlines.

Our contracts provide the highest savings for transoceanic, international flights originating or concluding in the US/Canada. The destinations we service include: Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia (Oceania), and South America.