Top 5 Warm Weather Winter Vacations

on December 12, 2011

If Chilly temperatures’, skiing, scraping ice off your car, shoveling your driveway and mainly staying indoors is not your thing, then why not head to one of these five awesome warm weather destinations to spend your vacation this winter.




If you love beach vacations, then Australia is an ideal place for you to be . Most of the tourists visit Australia because of the wonderful beaches. Australia is not only famous for its scenic beaches but also many other famous attractions like the Sydney opera house, Cairns, Uluru, Blue Mountains, Cradle Mountains etc…The weather in Australia is typically warm during December ,so spending your vacation in Australia should be fun. Most of the travelers want to celebrate Christmas in Australia because of its climate. The following cities are the most popular destinations in Australia this Christmas festive to visit and to make your holidays more fascinating and enjoyable: Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Buenos Aires Argentina


Buenos Aires Argentina

The best time to visit Buenos Aires is between December and February; the weather is very pleasant during these months. The most visited destinations in the beautiful city include the San Telmo Market, La Boca neighborhood, Costanera Sur, the center of town with the obelisk and the Tigre Delta.

Cambodia Asia



The ideal time to visit Cambodia is during December and January, it is also the peak season when many tourists visit Cambodia. Cambodia is one of the world’s exciting places to visit. The country is home to the most amazing beaches, the islands and the shiny white sands will surely be paradise for beach lovers.


Cape Town South Africa


Cape Town

Most tourists visit Cape Town during the long summer from November to February. The whole city will be vibrating with energy, and you will get the sense of the festive season excitement. South African summer holidays are usually from the first week of December to mid January, and Easter are peak periods for visiting Cape Town, so you should plan trips reasonably in advance.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil


Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a marvelous city to visit any time of the year. Gorgeous mountains, white-sand beaches and lush rainforests, fronting deep blue sea, Rio has one of the most spectacular settings in the world. There is one more highlight if you are traveling to this city in December- The largest floating Christmas tree in the world is in Rio de Janeiro. So if you are traveling to this city make sure to take a look at the floating Christmas tree.

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