Top 5 Places to Celebrate Christmas



Are you in a festive mood? Then it’s time to celebrate Christmas by going on a vacation. There are many places to visit and celebrate Christmas but take a look at the top and best places to enjoy Christmas and make your vacation an unforgettable one.


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Below listed are best places to celebrate Christmas.



While the northern hemisphere is in the middle of winter, in Australia it is summer. So it will not be a White Christmas if you are celebrating it in Australia but a warm and fun one. Your Christmas will be really special if you’re celebrating it in Australia. Don’t forget to visit one of the many scenic and wonderful beaches in Australia and don’t be surprised to see Santa surfing or arriving in a rubber boat.




Christmas in Goa is something important, its sets the mood of festivity and celebration . For beach lovers it will like celebrating Christmas in paradise because of the lovely beaches in Goa. The beaches of Goa are beautifully decorated and will look lively and colorful with music and parties during Christmas. This is absolutely the perfect time to visit Goa because of the festivities and merry making.

Hong Kong- China


Hong Kong

Wow! Celebrating Christmas in Hong Kong will surely be something memorable. The Christmas Celebrations in Hong Kong is ultimate. And if you are celebrating it in Hong Kong then do not forget to attend the winter fest organized by the Tourism board. It is celebrated at the Statue Square, where Hong Kong really will look like a wonderland. Hong Kong is surely one of the wonderful places in the world to celebrate Christmas.

Rio de Janeiro- Brazil


Rio de Janeiro

Celebrating Christmas in Rio de Janeiro is a great chance for you to enjoy one of Brazil’s most genuine expressions of holiday spirit. You will surely have lots of fun. Christmas celebrations in Rio de Janeiro are usually started by a display of fireworks. Now when in Rio de Janeiro do not miss the tallest floating Christmas tree.


Rome- Italy



Christmas is one of Italy’s biggest festivals. So traveling to Italy to celebrate Christmas should really be very special. The Christmas trees and decorations are very popular in Italy. At noon on Christmas Day the Pope gives his blessing to crowds gathered in the huge Vatican square.


Merry Christmas!

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